Saturday noir in Frisco


Déjà vu. I slowly regain consciousness. My body is stiff, I’m blinded by the morning light, or is it afternoon already?

What should I do today? The week has been so busy, yet nothing happened. Saturday is here and I need coffee. I’ll just check my phone first. Hacker News, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, emails… It’s been one hour and I don’t care about any of this. Well, it’s definitely the afternoon now.

I feel so rushed, why? I have nothing planned for today, yet I cannot relax. I’m about to burst. I know I need to get things done, keep growing. I used to be so driven.

I hate getting up late, but this is the new normal. My father used to say the world belongs to those who get up early. When did people become so selfish?

I’m already dreading Monday and the bland inquiries about my weekend. Let me guess Karen, you went hiking again? Fuck you and your boring dog stories. I used to make friends without even trying, but I can only see strangers now. What happened?

I need to get ready, I can’t go out like that. So much work for a latte. Ha, it’s too late for coffee anyway.